Barron Cosmology Lab

Barron and POLARBEARPB2 Focal Plane
Our groups works on instruments to study the polarization of the cosmic microwave background. Right now our research focuses on the POLARBEAR project, working on the deployment of three new telescopes as part of the Simons Array.

We looking for motivated students interested in instrumentation and data analysis.
Information about applying to the UNM Physics and Astronomy department can be found here, including information on spring admissions.



STEM Shoutout

Thanks again to Felina and ADVANCE at UNM for the nice article!


New PAIS building complete!

We have moved into the PAIS (Physics, Astronomy, and Interdisciplinary Science) building, which opened Fall 2019.

Here's what the lab looked like as of March 2019: 
New Lab Construction Site
And one year later, March 2020:
PAIS Lab March 2020

STEM Shoutout

Darcy Barron was featured in ADVANCE at UNM's August STEM shoutout series. Thanks to Felina Martinez for the nice write-up!