Barron Cosmology Lab


Our group works on developing instruments and creating datasets to better understand our universe.  Our current focus is on measuring the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). This includes our collaboration on the POLARBEAR/Simons Array project, which is currently commissioning three new telescopes in the remote Atacama Desert of Chile, and technology development for CMB-S4, an upcoming comprehensive CMB survey. These microwave telescopes survey the CMB and its polarization patterns, mapping the distribution of matter in our universe and probing the early universe's inflationary period. More information on our current projects can be found on the Research page.  

PB2 Focal PlaneBarron and POLARBEAR


Interested in joining the team? We are always looking for motivated students interested in instrumentation, data analysis, and cosmology. Information on the UNM Physics and Astronomy department can be found here, including information on current admissions deadlines and requirements.


New PAIS building complete!

We have moved into the PAIS (Physics, Astronomy, and Interdisciplinary Science) building, which opened Fall 2019.

Here's what the lab looked like in March 2019, and March 2020: 
New Lab Construction SitePAIS Lab March 2020

STEM Shoutout

Darcy Barron was featured in ADVANCE at UNM's August STEM shoutout series. Thanks to Felina Martinez for the nice write-up!